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Why am I up?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Why, you ask? Well, my one of my kiddos was on Covid time out from school for ten days. The other is 3 and a half, and I swear he is swinging from the chandeliers, as we speak.....and is late, y'all!

Seem familiar? So, truly, I am typing away, trying to figure out how I am going to utilize zoom and course connect to it's fullest ability starting this week Tuesday. Yes, if I didn't mention it before, I am an adjunct in the Kinesiology department at Aquinas College.

So, there it is. However, today was not a total fail. We did STEM night this evening and my little manager made a tornado in a jar:

one did the mentos in the coke bottle!!! What a cool explosion!!! And the kids said that neither the cola nor the mentos were affected. They were delicious!

Lastly, we did the milk painting! With milk, food coloring and a bit of dish detergent. Now, not going to is messy....but.....well worth it, especially if you, too, reside in the midwest. For those of you who do not know, for the majority of the winter, we see about 4 hours of sun...TOTAL.......

but, anywho....the milk paintings turned out really well! And....all the kiddos wanted to join in! Just make sure you have a proper drying area. They do drip. A cookie cooling rack would be very good for this..Also, remember to pre-cut the paper your "littles," will be using, as it is very messy, and frustrating, when they mess up their beautiful art b/c the paper didn't fit in your bucket....YIKES!!!

Until next time...










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