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New Face?!! There have been days where I have woken up looking like I had been ridden hard, and put away wet (one of my favorite sayings---that my husband just furrows his brow, shakes his head, and laughs).

But...truly...there is not one person....on this planet, whom has not felt that they need a bit of a pick me up, now and then.

I enrolled in , mainly because I am clueless in makeup, fashion, and most of all, I love to get a wonderful gift in the mail once a month!!! PS...ipsy, did not pay me to say this, nor did they know that I would say this.....Anywho, what makes me feel the most alive, no matter what--- is this:

I never write any reviews about makeup....EVER....b/c I am not well versed in it, as previously noted....however, this makes me feel alive!!!

Try it!!!

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